Blossom IV

•19 五月, 2009 • 發表迴響

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Working on Blossom series is one of more delightful happenings in my recent otherwise dull being.  During a period that Self is seemingly on and off without proper excuses, time spending on these gorgeous graphics has been a blast as memorable as sharing summer’s very first ice cream cone with my girlfriend.

Blossom IV

Blossom IV | 2009| Jen-Kuang Chang

The most immediate artistic brunt is, wait or don’t wait for it, the size.  The smallest graph of the series showcases a dangerously fatty 6000 x 6000 pixels of graphical happiness.  Not surprisingly, the process of working on Blossom series will soon push my three-year-old, 200 gigabytes, once-mighty dual core computer from quasi-ice-age into a digital diet.

I See What You Mean

•17 五月, 2009 • 發表迴響

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I recently got a fantastic chance to road-trip through Denver, Colorado with my friends.  Denver welcomed us with its local radio weather station barking about the incoming snowstorm.  But, no worries, we were all penniless musicians and were as brave as Petrushka chord. Besides, we had a date with the blue bear.

I See What You Mean

I See What You Mean | Lawrence Argent | Photo by Jen-Kuang Chang

Our darling blue bear is a public artwork installation I See What Your Mean by Lawrence Argent.  The gigantic, 40-foot tall blue bear peaked into Denver Convention Center fearlessly.  “Ciao, blue bear!"  We said.  But the blue bear had no time to greet us at all as it was urgently looking for bear-friendly restroom.

Circumference II

•16 五月, 2009 • 發表迴響

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My brain’s filing system is handled by a baby alien octopus of two hundreds and thirty-six arms with an adorable filing style as artistically messy as Jackson Pollock.  So all I can say for certain now is that Circumference series was completed somewhere between my visits to the movie theater for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the new Star Trek movie.

Circumference II | 2009 | Jen-Kuang Chang

Circumference II | 2009 | Jen-Kuang Chang

The series was essentailly a selection of frames from one of my newly-abandoned After Effects CS3 animation projects.  The composition size, aspect ratio locked to Cineon Full 457:333, was resized to 5000 x 3643 pixels in order to produce graphical details.  With some modifications in AE’s expression code, the production process then became ridiculously boring due to the limited computer power.  I clicked render and then waited like a meat-eating plant Venus’s Flytrap in front of my laptop for three long hours before excecuting my next click.

minimum. & NEBratsche Viola Ensemble

•20 四月, 2009 • 發表迴響

minimum is scored for four parts with flexible and expandable instrumentation.  The compositional process was in essence based on the concept of code arts instigated by my not-so-fruitful experiment with Processing software.  The oddly amusing part of the compositional process was to spend an era on constructing a formula of which the whole composition was structured and derived upon.  The bonus enjoyment for me was to create synchronized animated visual, synced via embedded click track, to accompany the composition.  To maintain the spirit of flexibility, I continued my mega-fun to produce six variants of visualization for performers or conductor to choose from.

minimum. | 2009 | Jen-Kuang Chang

minimum | 2009 | Jen-Kuang Chang

minimum is scheduled to be premiered by NEBratsche Viola Ensemble on 26 April 2009, featuring fine violists Jeff Bunker, Jonathan Crosmer, Jordan Ellis, Chelsea Hanen, Laura Kilmer, Derek Mosloff, Courtney Watkins, and Lexi Woodard with Clark Potter serving as conductor.

  minimum | 2009 | Jen-Kuang Chang | demo | excerpt

Santa Fe, New Mexico & SCI National Conference 2009

•16 四月, 2009 • 發表迴響

April in Santa Fe, New Mexico was simply gorgeous.  Air was as pristine as 96Khz/24bit sound and the atmosphere was fun and cheery like George Rodrigue’s blue dog.  After 12-or-so-hour of road trip and road trip music, all we needed was a quick sip of beautiful view of the Santa Fe Plaza and we were all suddenly feeling better and ready to boogie.

Santa Fe Plaza | Photo by Jen-Kuang Chang

Santa Fe Plaza | Photo by Jen-Kuang Chang

The event that we drove all the way to Santa Fe to participate was exhilarating and action-packed.  This gathering, hosted by Steven Paxton of College of Santa Fe, featured works by composers such as Annea Lockwood, Charles Ditto, and many others.  It felt like few light years ago that I met Annea Lockwood and got to listen to some of her wonderful remarks and works in an event in Florida in the spring of 2008.  I was very excited to know that Annea was serving as the keynote speaker for the event in Santa Fe.  My excitement can easily be spotted from two miles away just like those oh-no-big-no-no parallel octaves outlined by soprano and bass in part-writing exercise.  Annea’s Thirst, featured in the very last concert of the event, was atheistically original and thought-provoking as anticipated.

Santa Fe St. Francis Auditorium | Photo by Jen-Kuang Chang

Santa Fe St. Francis Auditorium | Photo by Jen-Kuang Chang

In addition to electrifying concert programs, what made us thrilled was that we got the chance to perform one of my compositions in this old building called St. Francis Auditorium, which was located in the Museum of Fine Arts of Santa Fe at 107 West Palace Avenue and have been the home to the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival for many years.  St. Francis Auditorium has seating for approximately 450 people and is an exquisite sample of Pueblo Revival architecture.  We all stopped all of our everyday thoughts and average worries and contentment to give the building a long wow moment.

Bicycle Built For 2000

•15 四月, 2009 • 發表迴響

Bicycle Built For 2000, credited to Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey, utilizes 2,088 voice recordings of Daisy Bell contributed by people from 71 countries through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. Daisy Bell, originally composed by Harry Dacre in 1892, was selected by John Kelly, Carol Lockbaum, and Max Mathews back in 1962 for the project realized with IBM 704 computer to create synthesized vocal and accompaniment. Koblin and Massey’s modern attempt demonstrates an attractive direction in creating art works by mass collective.

Bicycle Built For 2,000 Project